We are always interested in hearing from people who are looking for a way to become a better teacher, mentor, family support worker, site manager, or administrator. 

Why North Star

We believe North Star is a wonderful place to work. We are a specialist education trust where new careers can be launched and developed.

Benefit 1

Our school development programme is evidence-informed, effective and sustainable enabling staff to work and develop to their full potential.

Benefit 2

We have a superb group of staff who are friendly, welcoming and professional.

Benefit 3

We recognise that school has not always been a positive experience for many of our children and so we aim to offer a fresh start to every child.

Benefit 4

We work together to promote confidence, broad mindedness and tolerance whilst providing the best range of skills to allow students to succeed in society.

Why I love working at North Star

Some quotes from our current staff team;
'I love my job, the children, the staff, basically just being here. I have faith in SLT.'
'The school is a very sociable place to work. Every day is different and it's incredibly exciting.'
'I like feeling like I am part of something bigger and that what I do makes a difference for the students and staff.'
'I love being here. It's all about the students, colleagues, the vision, the atmosphere. We are family.'
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