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Our remit is to provide effective early intervention and work with colleagues in mainstream primary schools to support and manage children identified as having social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs.

Effective intervention is defined as the early identification of concerns, early assessment and early support. Working together, we aim to advise and support schools to plan and implement provision so that children with SEMH improve their overall outcomes, attendance and engagement.

Working collaboratively with schools allows us to individually tailor the provision required with the aim of enabling all children to achieve their full potential and develop the resilience and behaviours needed to succeed within a mainstream setting.

Helping schools to improve...

...their understanding of SEMH.

...their engagement of children in learning.

...the confidence levels amongst staff.

What Do We Offer?

Our Outreach offer centres around the need for the child, the staff and the school.

We believe in working collaboratively with schools to assess need, problem solve behaviours presented and joint plan possible next steps. This allows us to individually tailor the provision required, with the aim of enabling children to achieve their full potential and develop the resilience and behaviours needed to succeed.

We aim to develop a proactive approach to behaviour and a child’s SEMH needs – a response rather than a reaction.  We enable staff and children to understand that behaviour is communication and aim to find ways to understand and support positive strategies.

The allocation of work in school will be approached in a systematic way through joint planning between the Outreach team and the school’s primary contact. 


Further Information:

If you would like further information, please contact Dawn Edwards or call 0117 377 2175 ext. 214. You can also follow us on Twitter.

If you would like to refer a child to North Star Outreach please complete the referral form below and return to

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Training Courses

North Star Academy Trust now offer training courses and professional services to schools which share our skills and expertise as SEMH practitioners to help improve the SEND provision in schools across the South West. 

We currently run Team Teach courses in positive behaviour management and offer Speech and Language Therapy sessions and staff training, and we plan to offer other sessions, including Trauma Informed Schools support and behaviour management support for ECTs, in the near future.

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Available Courses and Information:


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