Working for Bristol’s North Star Academy Trust – an organisation that cares and helps you grow

As North Star Academy looks to recruit new staff – including teachers and Learning Support Assistants (LSA) – Project Lead Ollie Benzie explains how working at North Star 240° has helped him develop as a leader, and a person.

Working at North Star 240° has been a transformative journey for me, both personally and professionally. I started my career here as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA), a role that allowed me to gain invaluable experience in teaching. The supportive environment and the opportunity to learn on the job were instrumental in shaping my teaching skills.

What sets North Star 240° apart is its leadership. The Headteacher not only recognised my commitment but also appreciated my innovative ideas. This recognition was not just in words, but it translated into tangible support. I was provided with coaching that helped me develop as a teacher and grow in my role.

Today, I am proud to be part of the school leadership team, a testament to the opportunities for growth and advancement that North Star 240° offers. The support system here is robust and timely, ensuring that I have the help I need, when I need it.

Perhaps the most telling example of the organisation’s supportive nature was during my illness. The entire organisation rallied around me, providing support and understanding during a challenging time. This experience underscored the fact that North Star 240° is not just a workplace, but a community that cares deeply for its staff and pupils.

In conclusion, working at North Star 240° has been a most rewarding experience. It is a place where commitment is recognised, innovation is encouraged, growth is facilitated, and most importantly, employees are cared for.

I look forward to continuing my journey here, contributing to the organisation’s success while also growing on a personal level.

Will you come join us? Find out more about working for North Star Academy Trust, and see a list our current vacancies here.